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to deal with the environment waste


is established to deal with the environment waste issues in Bahrain & gulf states.

Environmental Consultancy, Pollution Control Systems, Land Remediation, Air/ Water Pollution Treatment, Solid / Hazardous Municipal Waste (Treatment, Recovery, and Recycling), services, supervision, and expertise by a teams of experts with high levels of experience and understanding of the scientific, regulatory and economic aspects of environmental issues. 

Focused on quality solutions to meet environmental challenges, ENVIROSPHERE helps clients to achieve their environmental objectives and be compliant with applicable regulatory limits.

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    We go to work integrating your environmental objectives into your business operations.

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    We specialize in minimizing risks with cost-effective technical solutions while looking at ways to achieve maximum operating flexibility.

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    We have a multi-disciplinary team of full-time Environmental Consultants who have first-hand professional experience in diverse sectors and areas

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    As practitioners, they share their in-depth knowledge and experience offering organizations independent expertise in line with national and international standards.

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We build ideas driven by the future.